Trusting the Voice within

Even though it is true that God does work in mysterious ways, that does not imply that you may not know what He wants for you. The Bible encourages us to turn to God and ask Him if we lack wisdom. And He would willingly and very happily share it with us.

Imagine having the knowledge and wisdom of God available to you whenever you have a demanding decision to make. You could make even the most difficult calls with confidence, knowing you are doing the right thing. You could act on it without doubt, decisively, because you knew that it is the right way to go.

This is not a pipedream but the reality for anyone who believes in Christ Jesus, because in Him are all the treasures of wisdom and understanding. In the last episode we talked about giving God room to speak to you. God will answer you, because He said He would. He may speak in unexpected ways, but speak He will.

I remember a time when I was confronted with an arduous business decision. I had the opportunity to make some very good money and I truly needed the money. But I felt uneasy about it because the opportunity was not in line with my beliefs and values. While normally that would have been an easy call to make — I was unsure if turning it down was a wise thing to do. On the drive back home I prayed and asked God for wisdom and guidance. I passed a changeable billboard sign and as it came into my view it displayed: “Don’t be stupid!” I had to laugh really hard about the bluntness of God. I already knew what was right but God had no trouble to spell it out for me!

Think a moment. Do you remember the last time you had the impression you should do something specific? Maybe you were to call someone to check up on her. Or you felt you should not invest in a certain share but you ignore that voice within. And very soon you found out that you should have listened. You knew it! Trusting that Jesus lives inside of you is the very first step in discovering and discerning His voice in your life. So expect Him to speak to you. Do not think that an issue is too unimportant for Him. He and you are one, so if it concerns you it does concern Him. So ask, believe, and listen.

If you experience a tug-of-war of thoughts, the Bible gives us some very helpful hints on resolving it. First, what does the Bible itself say about the issue? God will not speak against His own word. He may speak against how we interpret it though. But if the Bible says that something is a bad idea, it normally is.

But what if you are unsure about an issue that is not addressed in the Bible? The second hint is: what do you feel inside of you? Let the peace in your heart be the judge. God will give you His peace, Jesus is the Prince of Peace Himself. So thinking through your options, which one gives you the greatest sense of peace?

Maybe you are just too emotionally involved to find or connect to the peace that Jesus wants to give you. The Bible has another principle that will help you even through the most stormiest seasons of your life. “On two or three witnesses shall a matter be established.” Ask God to confirm His will to you by giving you two or three witnesses.

These may be people that tell you the same thing — even strangers. It may also be certain circumstances like my billboard story or it may be doors opening or closing in your life. And it may be any combination of the above. If you truly want to know what God is thinking so you can act on his will and in faithful obedience, He will let you know and give you all the power and resources to make it happen!

And in the next episode we will talk about how to cooperate with Him in the process of renewing your thinking to transform your whole life! Can’t wait to tell you all about it!