Entering the New Life

As I write of the love of God and how He wants to poor His goodness all over and into your life, you might wonder how to get started. Maybe you even feel resistance or unbelief. You may have experienced disappointment by people that claimed to believe in God. You may have seen the brokenness of what is called the church. Maybe you have been hurt or mistreated.

On the other hand you might be very aware of a darkness in your life. You might even feel very filthy because of what you have done or what other people have done to you. You may see all the imperfections and say “I am not worthy!”. I understand. and even more importantly, God understands.

But please do understand, that God does not see you like that. You see, Jesus was aware of what awaited Him. He was not surprised by the betrayal of Judas, nor by the horrible things that lead to His death on the cross. He was not forced to take this route. He knew everything ahead of time and He had a choice.

In the Garden of Gethsemane He made a very conscious decision. As He wrestled with the fear of experiencing unspeakable agony and death, He thought of you. He saw you as you really are, darkness, imperfections, unbelief, and all. And He said: “You are worth it!” And so He went to die on the cross, not because of your neediness, but because of what you are called to be!

But was that really necessary? Why did Jesus do that? Did he really have to die? Before we talk about that, I have a question for you. How difficult do you find it to change the slightest thing in your life? Be honest to yourself. How often have you tried to become a better version of yourself and failed miserably?

To understand the gravity of our situation, let me use this picture. Every person, every single one has been infested with a deadly virus. That virus is called “sin”. Sin is not the things we do and know we should not — those are only the symptoms. Sin destroys our ability to experience the presence of God.

And even though we know what is right and wrong, it forces us to hurt our self and others by choosing wrong. That is why we find it almost impossible to change for the better. We try and try, but again and again we simply do not have the power to follow through. And in the end we are all dying of that virus, failing to achieve the glory that is intended for us.

There is only one treatment to this fatal sickness — a complete blood transfusion. One will have to die, but it doesn’t have to be you. So Jesus offered willingly, out of love, to take your place. He volunteers to absorb all your virus infested life, all the hurt, all the guilt and everything that has been holding you back to enjoy life to the fullest. He will take that virus with Him on the cross and kill it by dying for you.

And in exchange He will give you His life. In Jesus there is no darkness, no guilt, no negativity, and no sin. He Himself is the life that you have always been longing for, because you are destined to receive it. So how do you get it? You simply agree to that exchange.

You could say something like “Jesus, thank you for taking all my sin on you, as you died for me on the cross. I believe you did that for me, because you love me. I gladly receive your gift of eternal life. Please fill me with your Spirit and live inside of me. I am yours and you are mine! Amen!”

Of course you do not have to use my exact words. You can use your own. God knows your heart and understands you perfectly. But most importantly, He will answer your prayer! Whether you feel anything or nothing, in the same instance as you speak that prayer, nothing less than a miracle will occur — the Spirit of Jesus will fill you and make you a new creation. Outwardly you will look the same, but from this moment on everything changed. Christ within you changes everything!

And in the next episode we will start to uncover that change and you will begin an adventure far beyond your wildest imaginations!