Connecting to the Source

There is this unlimited presence in your life — Christ within you. The Spirit of Jesus dwells inside of you and you might wonder how to connect to this never ending source of love and happiness. Of course you can just talk to Him but how do you really get in touch with His power? The key is gratitude. Being thankful.

I can see you recoil a little bit in disbelief. Really? Saying “thank you”? Maybe you remember, when this uncle of yours gave you a gift for your birthday, once you were a little kid. Eagerly you unwrapped it, just to discover that it was a sweatshirt you would never want to wear. Disappointment settled in and then you heard your mother chime “What do you say?” “Thank you!” you grumbled, because you knew that anything else would lead to endless discussions and then the command to go to your room and think about how ungrateful you are.

No, God does not need your courtesy. But gratefulness, gratitude is a force to be reckoned with. It has the power to change your whole perspective! I want you to try something with me. Think about something you really feel grateful for. Maybe it was something you were allowed to experience. Or it is a certain person in your life. Maybe it is something that you have achieved that nobody believed you could. Or a door to an outstanding opportunity has opened to you and changed the course of your entire life.

How did you feel, what did you smell, did you hear anything? I want you to relive that very moment until gratitude wells up inside of you. As you dive into that feeling, do you realize the connection you have with God? Every good and perfect gift comes from your father of light and there is absolutely no darkness inside of Him. He granted you that moment, because He loves you and all He wants for you is to be happy.

As you treasure that gratefulness, you might feel something stir inside of you — or better someone. And that is Christ inside of you and now you have learned how to get in touch with Him. And as you do, faith will grow. Because if God has been good to you in the past, you can be very sure, that he will always be good to you in the future as well.

Thankfulness is no duty, it is a privilege. Make it a daily practice. Try to remember as many good things as possible that have happened to you today, the last week, or during the course of your entire life. Through the practice of felt gratitude you begin the process of renewing your mind. From this position you can now talk with Jesus about everything. You know that he will always hear you and that all things will work for the best in your life.

But getting in touch with God, with Jesus inside of you, is just the first step on your journey to your true destiny. And next time we will talk about how to turn this into a dialogue with Him. You will learn to hear His voice. Can’t wait to tell you all about it in the next installment on this channel!