Breaking the Negative Cycle of Sin

The ultimate goal of God is to lavish his infinite love on you, so that you would be happy and satisfied in Him. His goodness will then provoke you to love Him back. That is the way He created us.

If for example you get invited to a wonderful party with your spouse, you ask yourself: „What present should we bring?“ No present was requested on the invitation, but still you feel obliged to bring one. It actually makes you feel better, especially if the host really likes your gift.

God created you to be loved and to love in return. As you love Him back, this makes you even happier and more fulfilled until you overflow with goodness and need a valve, because you would burst for joy and so you pass on to others what you have received yourself. This is the love triangle: „You shall love God with all your heart, mind, and soul and shall love your neighbor as yourself.“ That is the positive cycle of love.

But then there is this other cycle at work in this world, a downward spiral of destruction and death – the negative cycle of sin. The snake in the Garden whispered doubts into the ears of mankind. „Should God really have said that you would die if you eat from that fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?“ People often call this tree „The Tree of Knowledge“ period. This sounds like God would have liked his humans to remain ignorant.

This is of course nonsense. God gave Adam and Eve all authority over His creation and you can hardly exercise authority without profound subject matter knowledge. One of the greatest joys we can experience is the joy of discovery and learning. No, curiosity was not the problem at all. But if you know the difference between what is right and wrong in every ethical question, you are bound to live by it.

For example could you really enjoy your chicken nuggets if you knew that chicken suffered in horrendous circumstances before becoming your food? With knowledge comes responsibility! The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is the equivalent of the law – the complete law of God. Knowing evil also gives you options that you would never have considered if you didn’t know they even existed.

But as ever so often man doubted the perfect goodness of God and looked for fulfillment apart from His love. This is the road that leads into the negative cycle of sin. Thoughts become words and words become action that create more negative thoughts, words, and even worse actions. And the law of reciprocity becomes a vicious spiral of retribution and revenge.

Now we are the most miserable creatures on the planet, because we know the path to salvation in theory but are unable to walk it. So who will save us from this peril? Who will deliver us from our self-created prison?

The great news is, one already did! God gave the ultimate sacrifice. He became man in Christ Jesus. And knowing that the wage of sin in the end is death, he paid it on the cross. Now the way into the loving arms of God is open. Nothing will be able to hold you back from receiving the love of God.

Wow, I hope you are as excited as I am by this outlook! Just imagine the never ending source of love and happiness available to you at this very moment! So please do come back for the next installment on this channel, because then we will talk about how you can enter into this new reality that is available to you.