Dom Pfeiffer

God wants you to succeed in life! Christ within us changes everything.

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There is this unlimited presence in your life — Christ within you. The Spirit of Jesus dwells inside of you and you might wonder how to connect to this never ending source of love and happiness. Of course you can just talk to Him but how do you really get in touch with His power? The key is gratitude. Being thankful.

I can see you recoil a little bit in disbelief. Really? Saying “thank you”? Maybe you remember, when this uncle of yours gave you a gift for your birthday, once you were a little kid. Eagerly you unwrapped it, just to discover that it was a sweatshirt you would never want to wear. Disappointment settled in and then you heard your mother chime “What do you say?” “Thank you!” you grumbled, because you knew that anything else would lead to endless discussions and then the command to go to your room and think about how ungrateful you are.

So you started this life with Jesus. Maybe that was yesterday. Or 10 years ago. Or maybe you do not even remember the exact date. Maybe at that moment you felt a huge relief, you where in tears or felt unspeakable joy. Maybe you felt nothing at all. It doesn’t really matter. The instant you asked Jesus to come into your life everything changed — absolutely everything!

The change is not visible on the outside. And still you are a brand-new creature, a different species, like an alien, because you are no longer from this world. But you say: “I do not feel different.” And yet it is true. Let me try to explain it to you like this:

Even though it is true that God does work in mysterious ways, that does not imply that you may not know what He wants for you. The Bible encourages us to turn to God and ask Him if we lack wisdom. And He would willingly and very happily share it with us.

Imagine having the knowledge and wisdom of God available to you whenever you have a demanding decision to make. You could make even the most difficult calls with confidence, knowing you are doing the right thing. You could act on it without doubt, decisively, because you knew that it is the right way to go.

As I write of the love of God and how He wants to poor His goodness all over and into your life, you might wonder how to get started. Maybe you even feel resistance or unbelief. You may have experienced disappointment by people that claimed to believe in God. You may have seen the brokenness of what is called the church. Maybe you have been hurt or mistreated.

On the other hand you might be very aware of a darkness in your life. You might even feel very filthy because of what you have done or what other people have done to you. You may see all the imperfections and say “I am not worthy!”. I understand. and even more importantly, God understands.

The ultimate goal of God is to lavish his infinite love on you, so that you would be happy and satisfied in Him. His goodness will then provoke you to love Him back. That is the way He created us.

If for example you get invited to a wonderful party with your spouse, you ask yourself: „What present should we bring?“ No present was requested on the invitation, but still you feel obliged to bring one. It actually makes you feel better, especially if the host really likes your gift.